Saturday, October 19, 2013

Orphans on Staircase

Orphan children experience is a hell to hell  transition. A child should never be an orphan, it is same to a grown up child and specially to girls. Runaway children  easily turn into street criminals, drugs and begging. What initiated me this blog was in US parents adopted orphan children and then abandon them since they cannot carry along, so its hell back to back to these abandon children. Desperate parents adopt kids but later could not carry along due to unknown reasons. Forget about harassment and trauma to these lost kids. Orphan Men and Women always search people to support them and if not found they turn suicidal.
To start my blog there were three orphan kids aged 4,5,6. They had a runaway  from their home straight to big bad city. Fortunately   a policeman took them straight to an orphanage home early morning in heavy rains. Since the doors were shut they waited on the staircase, sitting close to the  steps which  blacken due to rains. They were frightened, shivering and tired with hunger revolving around them.
Soon the doors open and they  were welcomed with a smile. The matron started the process of setting up their life. They were given clothes, food, shelter, education and love. Its very difficult to hold our emotion if we visit a orphanage, kids will be all around you, to get your attention, they get attracted with the lovely gifts and goodies we visitor bring. They will always wait for you and enjoy your presence. A ladoo can brighten their life with a big mouthful smile. Even a small toy can make their day. Parents are protective wall for kids and lucky one would  have two or three layers of protection.

Our children are growing slowly , with their excellent intelligence and talent they complete their education turning to  doctor, Engineer and IAS officer. They settled down very good and plan to get marry. They ensure visit to their home once  in six months and sit on the same staircase where they started and play with kids getting lot of goodies to them. They would recall each and every day they spend here getting emotional and crying, also thanking matrons for showing these lovely days.
They get married to girls from same orphanage and settled down. As they decide they would have one of their own child and another adopt a kid, continuing contribution to their home.
This is not a reality,  just a story created as most of the orphan kids end up in agony and trauma.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Handicap or Addiction:

My computer keyboard broke last week and I was handicap for not being able to use my PC. My e-world came to halt. Still I managed to surf using mouse. The AMC guy could not fix it and I had to wait for a week. I barked at him and was getting restless, for delay. I somehow manage to access my mailbox but could not replay the mails. I could not write blogs and my mind was overflowing with bright ideas to write new blogs.

Therefore, what can we call this addiction, need, slavery, laziness, advance technology, or are we idiots, glued to these tubes. Age group from 5 to 50 yrs are addicted to various latest electronic gadgets, like TV, Mobile phones, Computer- Internet, DVD, Music, etc. If our mobile is misplaced or lost, we panic like anything as if our heart has stopped pumping. Every house must have a TV, even people having second home opt for having a TV and if its not LCD or LED then you are BPL.Recently I visited my friends place and rather than entertaining me, he kept his TV on and ignored me being his guest, buddy I had come to meet you and not watch TV at your home.

I conducted an experiment of not having a TV at my second home and it was really peaceful and could read lot of books and newspaper. Therefore, we can live without the idiot box.

Worst addiction is Internet surfing and playing online Games. In Korea a guy died of playing online game for straight 48 hrs, I had heard people died with electric shocks but nothing whimsical like this. Imagine not checking mails for months, Internet addicts will need some trauma treatment. Same for people in Pune, not owning a vehicle to travel across the length and breadth of city. If you do not have a two wheeler here, one would be wasting 3 hours traveling by city bus.

I oppose the above cause as these gizmos where not available 40 years back. They lived a healthy and happy life. People used to travel by cycles and often walked to their destination. Still today, there is a small town in Germany where all modern amenities are ban by the village. Villagers still use horse cart, hand pumps, Ancient tools, and hand woven clothes to wear. They do not have electric, car and modern gizmos. They had installed hand pump in there kitchen and had prohibited themselves from being photographed / video shoot.

Definitely, technology is a boom for us but we have crossed the limited to use it. In Cities if there is no power supply for few hours, faces turn red of tax payers. However, what about the villages who do not have power supply for last 25 years.

Therefore, its upto us whether we should be like the community in Germany or be an addict for not so necessary things.

My Blind Girlfriend:

I had a blind girlfriend she was intelligent, beautiful, stubborn, strong, sensitive and silent. She never saw me but always imagined me as a person. Her imagination was too good. However, describing her outside world was difficult for me. Touching each object was a mystery for her, since her need to imagine them in her mind. But she was quiet happy holding my hand and feeling secured. She looked great with her shades on, and nobody could imagine she was blind.

Her everyday statement was “My hands were the entire world for her.” However, it was very difficult for me to explain her world and its complicated objects. She used to ask me, how trees, flowers, grass, butterfly, and insects look like, while a visit to park. However, watching movies was quiet ok as it was an audio enjoyment for her. However, I was happy because I could understand the feeling of being sightless. Usually we see white can people banging there stick and pass away quietly.

She was quiet sharp at her daily routine. So after marriage it was little easy life. But what after babies come in to picture. That is a little difficult part; it is very difficult to handle a jumpy baby. Anyway I was thinking too long.

She could cleanly differentiate between my hand and a stranger’s hand; it was the only identification to recognize me along with my voice. Once we were dining in a restaurant, she was having difficulty serving herself. I kept two dishes at her right and others at her left and gave her the sequence and she was perfect serving herself, so it was not all about depending on me.

People and friends were always taunting me for being crazy living with a vision less person. So I invited few of them to her house for lunch and she was a perfect host with her glares on. Basically handicap people are not dependent, but they need to be exposed to normal people and they would far better than us.

It was time to give her a great gift on marriage day, and I donated my one eyesight to her and today she is working with a MNC as executive Manager. Well her early blindness and now her one sight has made her super women. Therefore, it was not her handicap but an extra power to be something different.

Now is not my blind girlfriend, but a visionary wife.

WalMart return Indian Parents:

Yeah the title is little weird, I am talking about parents visiting their kids in US and returning with rich experience. Parents traveling for the first time, especially the middle class are excited about the trip. Entire life they had save penny to give good education to their kids, probably sacrificing lot of desirable things. And kids complete their education and fly to foreign land for higher education or jobs. Kids settle down in US and don’t come back. Mother and Father in India are lonely, only excitement is when kids call them up on web cam and send tickets for their US trip.

Mummyji and Papaji are happy as its their first trip to USA and also their first flight trip. They are happy cause their sacrifices have brought colors after a long time. And why not they deserve to see other part of developed world. Son and Daughter in law give them traveling and etiquette tips before they start. Initially parents enjoy their stay, like the life style, cleanliness, huge shopping malls, departmental stores, luxury car, long stretch of free ways, express highways, discipline, and respect. Luxury apartments make them cozy and probably start comparing with Indian standard of living. Well definitely, there is a huge gap of Indian life style and developed countries. People in US love their country and have less patience, need to get the work done very fast, which is opposite in India.

So finally Ma and Pa are settled down in US for their 6 months stay. Pa enjoying shopping at hyper market and Ma cooking favourite dishes for their kids. Also trying to digest culture shock and keeping a check of not intervening in the life of local citizens. Site seeing, shopping, traveling, meeting relatives, celebrating birthdays, Baby Shower day, parties and get togthers keep Ma and pa busy. Son and daugther in law try to keep their loving parents as comfortable as possible. Probably a modern Ma , may change her style of clothing or remain the same.

Its almost 4 months and few parents start getting bored since their kids might be out for work whole day and they have nothing to do much, even though they might be having grandchildren to take care. They start missing India as they cannot jump into neighbour’s house or even visit relatives frequently. No gossips, not aware whats happening around in the neighbour hood and not interested in US economy progress.

They start missing the dirt, pollution, people, relatives and sharing daily quota of news with relatives, friends etc. Some Pa enjoy staying their but Ma is not much interested in this Luxury jail. Well Ma cannot bargain with the Walmart vegetable guy, also there are no fishwali coming at the door step to buy fresh fish, They had gone through so much of hardship, its this hardship a luxury for them. The aroma of their Indian home starts calling them back. Some people feel something is missing till they do not jump in muddy puddle of Indian rains.

So after much argument with kids the “US return” parents are back in India with lot of goodies.First few week it takes time to adapt Indian style of living and they are excited about sharing experience and stay in US. But final conclusion is loneliness kills them.
They start comparing being lonely in India is much better than in US. In India if Ma and Pa gets a little scratch or some small illness, crores of relatives come to meet and ask their health status.

The sabji wala will be the same here, always calling Maji Maji, I think nobody will call Ma and Pa in Walmart, Maaji or Papaji. The Fishwali bargaining on fishy things.The Grocery guy and shopkeepers asking Maaji aur kay du, naya chaval aya hai bhej du kay. Kamwali sharing gossips of neighbour. The aroma of grocery shop, vegetable markets, crowed market will always keep Indians their Indianess. Ma and pa will meet their kids frequently and also travel to US, but finally most of the MA and PA will avoid travelling to US giving reason like”What we will do coming there its boring and lonely” and kids wont come since they are entangled in time factor, Citizenship rules and money factor. Ma and Pa are happy here in India.

Its finally the India Soil where we are born and brought will never detach us.

Practising Austerity Vs Poor Austerity

Poor Austerity:
Somebody taught Rahul Gandhi a lesson "Der se aye magar galat aye". You came late but at a wrong time, by breaking the glass pane. Democracy is dead Mr Gandhi. After 50 years asking a layman issues is very late. VIP’s better be confined to there First class travel.

Practising Austerity:

Today’s headlines
Congress President Sonia Gandhi will travel the economy class while flying to Mumbai On Monday

“Austerity” definitely is a nice word and excellent way to present congress party, before elections. Principal Soniaji has started the practice and the entire schools need to follow the new notice. Oh !!! congress has finally realized they are living a lavish life. The notice says, everybody should travel in economy class, Five Star stay prohibited, pay cuts, and power saving, which power I don’t know.

If it is an election stunt then forget it would not last long. Ministers are already spoil brats they will not compromise for their lavishness, as they work very hard to serve our country. If they are serious then question is what would they do, for the amount save? …..donate towards welfare of BPL people, no way.

It is a good inventiveness, but I have doubt about its accomplishment. In addition, Soniaji needs to display the comparative statement on monthly basis to public and where exactly the saved amount used. Probably this would be a plus point for next general election.

In UP the Govt is spending lakhs, on tea and refreshment for their staff. And, what about Mayaji’s, Elephant and status dream land project, I really do not have words for this idiocy, that woman is either a nut or insane. Public money for position ?

So what about the past, Amount spend last 40-50 years on VIP with not a satisfactory output and a grumbling compatriots, who will pay back our money. If we really look back and see the books of accounts for the amount spend on VIP, the question will come to our mind why did we pay our taxes for nothing? We still have poverty, distress, basic issues food, water and electricity stand still from the day Gandhiji said India is in Villages, serve them better.

Congress is doing nothing but playing a political card for this election, please do not play with public money we work hard to earn it and every day is an Everest climb for us.
Until date, whatever money Govt promised for floods, drought and human acts has never reached people affected. If ministers are not accountable for their duties, it is difficult for us and the country to grow.

Angry young man (Amitabh Bachchan)

Angry young man (Amitabh Bachchan)
Not to guess about whom I am talking, definitely:
Amitabh Bachchan
This tall guy had influenced every corner of this world. “Jab se hosh sambhala hai” I am great fan of this guy. The first movie I saw was “Amar Akbar Anthony” at the age of 6-7 yrs, I have a indistinct remembrance of this movie which made me immense aficionado of this lambuji. In fact I remember another movie where audience had gone round the bend in theatre and started dancing and throwing money on the screen. Those days people used to keep AB hair style and act themselves as AB. Definitely I was one to follow the bandwagon. In fact I had bought a shirt with movie name embossed “DON”. Spilling his dialogues was common in every street. Every street corner had hair saloon displaying his hair style. He was / is the number one guy in Hindi film industry. The team Prakash Mehra, Javed Akhtar and AB gave hits after hits and pushed him to Everest peak. His deep throat voice was rejected by AIR test, but same voice kept everybody astonished.

AB was and is a magnet and god for Indian fans. During his height of career the legend was definitely flying in air, but god taught him few lessons and now definitely his feet are firmly attached to gravel. His endless achievement, experience, lesson learnt, interaction with people would probably generate huge information bank. Now AB is very down to earth and humble legend , if you hear him talking, you would feel his simple formula of living. Though now his health is not up to date, he still starts his day in a studio, listening to young directors/dialogue writers with patience.

I still watch his movies, as of now his experiment with various roles passed him with
flying colours. Recently Bhoonath was a brilliant movie where he worked with small kid with ease. Knowing his plus and minus, has kept him immovable to acting skills. He tried everything in his life but finally came to conclusion acting is his skill set . His meekness is reflected in TV show KBC, where dealing with common people, displayed his excellent skills, cause there is a thin line between fame and courtesy. His bungalow is like a temple, as you can see huge crowd of fans doing all kind of nuisance at his gate to attract attention.

Big b’s blog site is definitely giving a open view to his day to day activities, his art of writing has depth of modesty and attracts lot of hits. I read his few blogs about his daily shooting, experience with Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Allah bad, PM Prakash Mehra and accident. In an interview/blog he had given the details about the accident during shooting of movie Coolie. He had almost reached the doors of heaven, but due to intense efforts of doctors he could see his beautiful daughter-in-law. But heavy drugs had left him with terrible side effects and has to carry a team of doctors to every shooting venue.

His love towards parents is open to everybody. Both being close to him he is really missing them during heart moving moments. In fact he had kept his ailing mother in hospital and gave her the best treatment, I think very few mother’s get such luxury, of course he should have kept her at his home during the last stage, but his commitment had kept him away from mother.

He is still the King, nobody has replaced him or close to him, probably a AB Oscar award would be a great respect to him. This Star will never fade from sky. His comments, like he is still learning acting will keep this legend alive forever. May god bless his sweet family and Jayaji’s steady company.

Friday, August 28, 2009

BJP Crisis

“Fresh Blood” please is the only slogan for BJP, current situation demands there should be updated ideology for BJP, keeping religious sentiment at the back ground. The Senior members should make for young ideology set in same like what congress had done by introducing many young parliamentary members.

The RSS and VHP should do what they are doing since we need people would represent the minority Hindu community against the entire world. Coming back to BJP they have long being into opposition for the reason, new ideas had never being intruded to make them a wining party. The recent loss has only broken them badly, since they are getting rid of members who had performed badly in the last election. Rather they should find out the reason why they loss badly. In Indian politics even if politicians do not do any progress work atleast they should have charismatic personality.

Todays call for all the political party is 50% senior members and 50% young politicians. Take eg of Scindia, Pilot, Rahul Gandhi, they have been provided full open culture in congress. The young members should always be backed with senior members, cause experience counts a lot to run this huge machinery in our country. Young people bring new ideas and work on and they can connect to the entire nation.

BJP should stop this fighting and pulling each other legs and get reunited to make a strong opposition. Corruption, red tape and bad politics are surely a bad part in India, but these need to be tackle by young members with strict measures. Just imaging in last 50 years if the entire corruption money, black money would have been properly utilize for the country, we would have been 20 times much ahead of US and European nations. Corruption is worst than Cancer and Swine flu which makes the economy weak at the root.

Whether its Jaswant Singh or Kulkarni or Advani or people above the age of 70 yrs should be retired with respect and get people who are really working at the grass root level, I say percentage of people who work really for this society and are unsung hero would be more than the useless members in any of the political party. I agree everything is not dirty, we the Indian citizens make it dirty in the greed of earning multi crore trunks.

BJP really needs another chintan baithak and think about the future of the party rather saving our own baithak in the party.